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Aviator Nation 2.0
Aviator Nation is coming back and strong! With a whole new set up and all new worlds. This server is going to be even more fun then the original. You will be allowed to team up and create fractions, explore sets of Craft University, compete in Ultimate Crafter, battle in a spleef arena and much more!
Aviator Factions
Factions are a new thing in Aviator Nation. The server is basically going to be an open world free to explore. The factions will allow you to make friends and pool your resources to team up and buy land and towns. Then you get to make up your own rules and be your
own society. You can team up and become the richest and most powerful faction in the server! Will you rule the world, or become a poor bum living in the Minecraft slums?
Server Activities
Every week there will be new server activities announced here on the website. You can help with these activities and rank up or get paid Aviator Cash! So activities will be creating buildings, finding griefers, spleef competitions and much more!
Aviator's Admins & Mods
Owner- AviatorGaming
Admin- OcenicPilot
Admin- TheBurtDude
Admin- TheDollarShort
Admin- Kashikoi_Takumi
Mod- StormyLilac93
Mod- iWroteTec
Mod- ContactSport
Mod- Ranto1
Mod- Typhoon100

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